Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Before We Dance, Just a Reminder or Two

Hey Kids!

Just a few words from the organizers before we kick off Indiepunkdance Day on the 31st.

1. Show starts off at 2 sharp (Bukan janji Melayu ni,tau?)
2. We'll be providing free drinks (with paper cups)
3. No smoking in the shoplot area
4. Take off your shoes/slippers before entering the shoplot
5. Have fun

See ya!!

Saturday, August 12, 2006


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Akta Angkasa
Killeur Calculateur
Obit Cinta Benjamin

Nope, we don;t need you to bring Jalur Gemilang to this gig. Just bring your friends, in your best cool lookin' gear, and dance dance dance out!

We'll try to follow the timeline as dead tight as we can, so do come early.
Also, bring along your zines,cd's,t-shirts (you get the point). Commerce on Merdeka Day is good. So, I heard.

So yeah, book your tickets via indiepunkdance_day@yahoo.co.uk.

Owh, here's how you get there...

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So see you there!

At Least I Speak has just been added to the tab.Non-believers, hope this makes your RM8 worth to the very last cent.

Jumpa di sana!!

Tuesday, August 08, 2006


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We don;t know what the others said, but we had an awesome first show,to make it better,at Unclogged! Great time, great vibe, great friends, great bands, great place. And we owe it a lot to friends who came and made us extra nervous(hey,it worked) and also the crowd for not yelling "Woi,lagu ke menatang hapa ni?".

Force Vomit played a dynamite set, The Mindless Show tickled us silly. Kudos to Aloe in the Bottle, Yandsen and gal,Bubble Boy and Handsome Rais.

We're gonna sing out loud again on this 31st of August ( don;t worry,you'll make it to Unclogged in time). So, if you're not in Dataran Merdeka checking out rempit chicks on that day, do come and celebrate INDIEPUNKDANCE DAY with us!

Venue: Awakening Studio, Taman Desa.
Time: 2pm-7pm
Bands: Killeur Calculateur, Orbit Cinta Benjamin,Nao, Akta Angkasa
Ticket: RM8

By the way, it;s limited to 50 heads only,so send in your reservations to indiepunkdance_day@yahoo.co.uk.

Sapa takde nama,takleh masuk!Hehe.

We'll post the flyer soon enough, so be on the lookout.

p/s:thanks to huda for the pics.