Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sleepless Nights, Tired Eyes, Bintangs, Kahluas, Lots and Lots of Tempe : Babak 2

A few days before our flight out to Solo on Monday, we got news that the flight will be delayed to 4pm. We were supposed to fly out at 6:55 am Monday morning... I had mixed feelings about it initially, but hey! at least we got the get some shuteye after the gig on Sunday.

We made some new friends;We arrived in Solo as it began to get darker (5:30pm local time), after sorting out our bags and stuff the Solo collective took us to the gig venue, which is an open air tennis court in an Arts and Cultural University (i think)... It was downright awesome the place, i tellz ya. in one classroom nearby there's some wayang kulit practice going on, then in another pondok nearby there were girls rehearsing a traditional dance routine ala Makyong.. stuff you see in the PGL The Movie, nahmean? it was too amazing that i forgot to take any photos of it ! Anyhoos, we played with a whole lot of street punk bands.. it was weird. hm.
Amidst all the weird looks and fidgety shrugs between us, Off Minor came on to a rousing response. Kids came down to the stage in droves and had some spilling over the back of the stage as well... even with some technical glitches in the beginning, THEY OWNED!

We was up next. We didn't have the best of shows i must admit; too many technical problems, and all of us were dying to get off stage as soon as we could *sobsob*

OCB came on last that nite... by then they were probably 20 odd people left. Most of the kids left after one band (from Malang, if i'm not mistaken) played before OCB, i figured they must've been THE highlight band in those parts...

Did i mention OCB played a blistering set? Ya damn right they did! Continuing where they left off in KL, OCB delivered yet another mindblowing set.. Power mat !!

Off Minor left to Jogja that same nite with Mas Ari Ernesto, while our gracious host Aam took us back to his place to crash for the nite... We first went to have supper, it's called Nasi Liwet, rice with a concoction of curry made with pumpkin and chicken and santan (?) There's also an egg that's already transformed midway into a chick, the head can be seen already.. nasty! No we didn't eat that, nope. After filling up, we headed back to Aam's place to share our late nite jokes & gurau senda before the Snore Fest kicked off

Tomorrow; Jogja!


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