Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Sleepless Nights, Tired Eyes, Bintangs, Kahluas, Lots and Lots of Tempe : Babak 4

What is it about Bandung that has not been said already? Cool "indie" people? Check. Cool bands? Check. Cool clothing distros? Check. Cool climate? Check. 7 uber cool abangs from KL taking an 8 hour train from Jogja to the Kota Kembang for a gig? C-c-check it out this! Ngahaha so geli right, i know.
We arrived in Bandung after an 8 hour train ride, we left Wednesday morning. A long journey means a lot of sleep for Rafiq heehee! Met up with the Anak-Anak Collective, Deden and Adi,.. and spent other times with them, Ivan, Hangga and friends from dance rock band Inspirational Joni. It looked like a whole platoon

"The hills are alive with the sound of music"

We're thankful that the Bandung scenesters managed to cook up a show for us, as it was pretty difficult to have a show in Bandung due to a recent stampede tragedy at a punk gig that left 10 people dead.. So at one point the prospects of a Bandung show was bleak. Skali not only did we score a show, twas a studio show at that! the sempiter the better, we thought
Apparently we were going to play in an underground jam studio... so we were pretty stoked to hear that. So when gig day came (the day after we arrived), we got more excited. This jam studio was a real thrill, above at ground level they had a kedai video game and people were battling their Winning Elevens without a single care of whats going on underneath.. very unassuming place lah!

K/C came up first of the three closing bands

Köntrasösial !! We owe Ebby the vokills ;-)

Then it was Orbit. What better way to end the the tour...

So that was it. I dont know how else to tell you people, but this whole touring thing is just too great. Ours was very small scale but I sure hope this is a start for bigger things to come... It was a humbling experience. We've had the pleasure to meet many wonderful souls, and played with great bands throughout and hung out with the coolest cats in their respective towns ! Thank you to ALL individuals involved, down to every roach and cat that we saw along the way.. Jumpa lagi.

Sleepless Nights, Tired Eyes, Bintangs, Kahluas, Lots and Lots of Tempe : Babak 3

By the time we packed up and got ready to leave, it was midday. We're gonna take a train down to Jogja from Solo, which is about an hour away. We said our last goodbyes and thankyous to our hosts Aam and Tunjung and went on to Jogja with Awang and Martin

We got to Jogja and was greeted by the organizer, Menuz @ Indra from Kongsi Jahat Syndicate. The name itself sounded garang, so we were convinced we're on for a wild night. After sorting out hotel rooms, we got ready for the show, some 30 mins away from where we lodged. I remember liking Jogja alot especially the housing area that had narrow alleys that led up to our lodging.. they were somewhat tranquil in the middle of the hustle and bustle of city around it. I figured it was a backpackers lodging area as we walked pass a laundromat and a few cyber cafes... even the kids there seemed unfazed watching strange looking people carrying instruments walking pass their football courts and houses.
One other thing about Jogja that's astoundingly impressive was how their walls are covered with graffiti. Every piece of wall big enough for an art piece, you'll see a kick ass graffiti on it... heck, every ceruk and celah of the town has some graffiti somewhere. *I dont have pictures of it on the cam, but i'm sure we have it somewhere. will post it up once i get hold of em* With graffiti in abundance, one can tell that Jogja is a town brimming with art. Cun gila! *insert your sigh and reflection on Malaysia here*

We got to the venue around dinner time, and met up with Ari Ernesto and the Off Minor boys (men?) at this vegetarian eatery nearby. We had the best meals that nite... mock duck, mock chicken, mushroom masak kicap and.. you guessed it, tempe! We ate like pigs.

First band of the nite, Jogja's Jealous Lovers. Kick! Ass!Then OCB came on and showed Jogja how it's done, Gombak style! Disappoint, they did not.

After a few bands later, it was us. We were determined to redeem ourselves from the poor show the nite before.

For a fitting ending to the night, New York's Off Minor amazed us for one last time before parting with us

From then on, it was beers beers beers and more beers for the boys. Sesi suai kenal was in procession, pictures for the road and memories only we can remember

So this was the last time we were gonna hang out with them. It was an eye opening experience touring with such a seasoned band like them. Looking at how they worked their way around bad sound and equipment and still came out tops, we knew we still have a long way to go. It was great honour for us and OCB to be able to have this tour with a band we look up to so much.
We said our goodbyes and exchanged addresses and whathaveyous... it felt a little sedih and sayu right after. Like we've known each other forever...

Off Minor travel to Kediri the next morning, to play a show there before heading up to Surabaya and fly to Japan.

Superboy Awith flies home to KL from Solo.

For the seven of us, we bring our tired minds to Bandung...