Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Sleepless Nights, Tired Eyes, Bintangs, Kahluas, Lots and Lots of Tempe : Babak 1

SO, we just got back from a short tour with one of the bands that changed our lives, Off Minor. We knew it was gonna be one helluva experience so we thought, hell no we're doing this without our great pals and brothers... so we roped in Orbit Cinta Benjamin to come with us... creating more of a ruckus at that! well not really. we were pretty prim and prude most of the time... talk about manners!

The tour started out with Off Minor arriving in Singapore, had a show there with Orbit (which we didn't feature), then came down to KL together with us and a slew of KL's best bands... and then we flew out to Central Java starting with Solo and then Jogjakarta..

roll out the memories!

main man, our handy man, man of all seasons, Mamatann!
Hardcore boys/Boys Hardcore Nobeat and crew came early on to show us how to rock out with your butt out!

I love hardcore boys! I love boys hardcore!!
OZ bound screamo heroes, Daighila were in good spirits.. toight mate!
What's a cool blog without a celebrity? John Hafiz, ladies and gentleman.
His punching bag, Abbas lurking in the back
Deepset showing how its done, post rock stylee

K/C unleashing the Misai Galore
Happy man

The cam conveniently ran out of battery, so that's all there is for the KL show. More pics will be uploaded from other cameras, soon-ish.

Next up, Indonesia baby!


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