Thursday, January 31, 2008

As Scorpions would say, "The Wind of Change"

What's wrong with a little rock kapak?
Anyway, as the new year would,predictably, bring new change, we as 4 lads inevatably drowned in its rapid waters.

Piut left, Rafique (ballest ever!)assumed the guitar position, and we invited dear sneak freak Alijo to be on board.

It's taking a while but it's been a progressive start.

2008, take us to where the children of tomorrow dream away, the wind of change...the wind of changeee! ( end it with a high note)

See you guys around!


Blogger KAH-ROE-SHI said...

kata nak ajak kah-roe-shi share stage? bila? ada bran setting tzm? kid

12:04 PM  
Blogger MaldivesInNightVision said...

dude, do please chck ma bnd on utube.. search on mellow postrock, mellow disco.. not a fan of that title name sbb bkn aq yg upload..hahah..

3:50 AM  

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