Sunday, December 24, 2006

Demo (Tape) Lo Ni Tok Seghupo Mulo

It's out,beeyatches!

Our re-release of the demo in tape format is going to be sold tomorrow at the On The Day Like This gig (If you didn't there's a gig tomorrow, well shame on you).

So get your hands on the intial 20 copies if you wish so.

Hey, even if you don't have a cassette player, it's still looks cool on your desk :)

Selling at RM6, it's a worth while investment, but then again, you decide.

See you tomorrow. Infinite Delay's harsh-vile sonic jams can't be missed!!!!

Friday, December 01, 2006


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Mawi should've slammed us with Ultimate Warrior's killer move, which I can't recall of at the moment.
Here's an apologetic shout out to those who came last nite an expected a great show (hey,so did we). We lost it from the fourth song onwards. The sound didn't help much. But you guys did.

As they say, you can't have a roll forever.

In an abashedly sense of compensating of what a disastrous set last nite was, we're going to brew up a show, with a few friends. Here's a sneak peek of the secret ingredients : 2 "undiscovered- shotgun blowing- through your brain" acts, 2 'they're so fast you can;t keep up even with a pack of wolves chasing you from behind" acts, and a "so punk you wish you had a curfew and watched Desperate Housewives every night" act.

However, this might change in the future. But let's hope it changes for the better!

Plus, coming up our demo re-released on cassette (go analog!), and another project we can't reveal yet,otherwise our virginities will be smashed like ants on hot cement.

And if you're not celebrating Christmas, do come to the show at Awakening Studio on 25th December, as we're releasing our demo tape. And you gotta love the bands performing that day.

So all and all, we seek for your apology and would like to wish a tremendous 2007.

This is ya boy, peace!