Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Late update, but hey, it's worth the wait!

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Yeah, we've been slacking off on upating the blog, and we apologize for that.
And no, there's no compensation for you guys either, so it's a lose-lose situation.

Chronogically reporting, we've been playing a few shows since our last update.
We played Infinite Delay's SPlit CD release with Blood On Wedding Dress, alongside Orbit Cinta Benjamin, Jazz and Mosh, and new sensations, Vultures. In case you haven't heard about them, Vultures is an act worth watching. So, in case you don't get the message, do it!
And when you buy the split Cd, you better buy a spare pair of undies, cause it's gonna wet you up, yo!

We invaded Singapore and JB with fellow conquerors Orbit Cinta Benjamin , thanks to Borhan of Jazz and Mosh and Khairil of Halal//Hadhari for hooking us up with shows. Both were awesome shows, and we played with kick ass bands. We screamed until our lungs sore, and clapped like firecrackers.
Keep yer eyeballs popping for Por Vida, Halal//Hadhari, Oslo Castaways and other bands from the low South. Crazy stufff I tells ya.

We also played a show last week for the Bollok Wok Vol 3 compilation release. Kudos to them East Coast crewfor the effort. Sek kito jangae pecoh!

Last but not least, we're playing this Saturday at the Rock Against Drugs gig, at MCPA theatre, somwhere in KL.
We'll be playing early, so if you;re free, come and stare at our unimpressive physique swaying to inconsistent beats.

Zamir has taken too much of his leave, so we can't really say when is our next show, but we'll keep you guys updated (No promises about updating the blog tho)

A few releases are pending at the moment, hope they'll be out soon enough, cause our old songs are getting a bit,err, how do I say it.......tiring :

Did I leave out anything? Owh, check out our video in JB. Thanks a lot to the JB kids for all the trouble we've caused. We'll come and trouble you again! :)