Sunday, June 18, 2006

Nailed it

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After 7 hours of focused determination ( who are we kidding? ), we managed to record 4 songs. We haven;t mixed it yet, but we're pretty happy with the current sound. Should be better after the mix.

If you expect a crystal clear sound, with mesmerizing delay/tremolo/chorus/phaser infested guitar lines, a round,warm jazzy bass sound and drums a la Nickelback, sorry to disappoint you.

We're currently looking for ideas to package our demo CD. So,if you have any bright ones, post a comment ok?

P/S: I don;t know why I'm posting this when I know nobody knows the existance of this blog.sheesh.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Tomorrow we document the buzz

We're gonna get the party started!

So, yeah.
Tomorrow we're gonna be recording at Mokh's if everything goes well.
We're kinda tight on budget,so hope it'll be a swift one.
So wish us luck,mmkay?

By the way, we're a new band,so do check us out if you have the time.