Saturday, September 02, 2006

We Nailed it, and We Nailed it Hard!!

Yes Yes Y'all!!

We pulled Indiepunkdance Day off with dynamites in our pants!Explodeeeee!!

Good bands,good crowd, good music,good venue,good vibes.Fucking hell,it was a good show!!

I personally am still excited that we did it and it went pretty darn well.

Hi fives to Akta Angkasa ( that 2-piece job was jaw-dropping), Nao ( Tat is still an angry punk :) ), Orbit Cinta Benjamin ( gilaaa weeiiii ) and At Least I Speak ( next time more songs please!!tak puas! ). Also to Keng for his studio and disco ball.

Not forgetting kids who came,clapped,and screamed.Tabik!!

To those who didn't make it, don;t worry, you just missed an awesome gig.hehe.